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Get A Loan

Obtaining a mortgage loan from Reed Mortgage is faster, easier, and with less hassles. Because I handle every loan application personally from start-to-finish, you get the benefit of my 30 years of mortgage lending knowledge and experience. And my utilization of automated underwriting systems such as Fannie Maeís Desktop Underwriter and Freddie Macís Loan Prospector allows me to provide a preliminary loan approval in less than an hour, usually with significantly reduced documentation requirements.   

Step One - Apply

Call me at 303-662-9490 or toll free at 877-875-1515. I will take your loan application over the phone, or if you prefer, meet with you at a convenient time and location.

If you are shopping for a new home but have not yet identified the property, you can still begin the application process.

During the application process, together we will analyze your individual financing needs and I will present the loan product options that will best fit your specific situation. In addition, I will fully explain each loan product along with rates, closing costs, and terms.

The application process typically takes 15 - 30 minutes, and there is no cost or obligation to apply for a loan.

Step Two - Our Answer

In most cases I can provide a preliminary loan approval in less than 1 hour.  I  will review with you the conditions of the preliminary loan approval and the documentation that will be needed to obtain final loan approval. 

Step Three - Processing Your Loan

During the processing stage, I will obtain the documentation required for final loan approval. This includes ordering  the appraisal report, obtaining the title commitment, and acquiring all other necessary documentation. Once all the documentation has been obtained, the loan will be underwritten for final loan approval

Step Four - Loan Closing

If you are buying a home, the time and location of the closing will be set forth in the sales contract. But if the loan is for some other purpose (i.e. refinance, 2nd mortgage), I will locate a closing agent that is conveniently located to you, and also arrange a time of closing that meets your schedule.

Once the time and location is established, I will arrange for the timely delivery of the closing documents and loan proceeds to the closing agent.


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