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The Reed Mortgage Advantage

When you are in need of a mortgage loan, we offer numerous benefits - Integrity. Service. Price. Selection. Experience. Knowledge. This combination is the Reed Mortgage Advantage.  

     As an Upfront Mortgage Brokertm we provide all the benefits of a typical mortgage broker but with the additional assurance of fair treatment provided by pricing transparency and the absence of conflict between broker and customer. 

  Unlike most mortgage brokers, we will operate as your agent when handling your mortgage loan, giving you the best opportunity to obtain the lowest price on a mortgage loan.

  When buying a home, you are protected by our Service Standards

      We are a Colorado owned and operated company that makes mortgage loans solely in Colorado.

      With hundreds of different loan products, we have the loan that will fit your individual needs (see Our Services).  

    All aspects of your loan will be handled from start-to-finish by a person with impeccable qualifications.     

     Through the use of automated underwriting systems such as Fannie Maes Desktop Underwriter and Freddie Macs Loan Prospector, we can provide a preliminary loan approval in less than an hour for most of our loans products. And with these systems, the documentation that is needed for a loan is significantly reduced, saving you time and money. 

      Most importantly, we are a company committed to our customers.  But dont take our word for it read What Our Customers Say About Reed Mortgage.

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