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When selecting the person to handle your mortgage loan, you must consider their qualifications. The most qualified person will provide sound advice so that you can obtain the right mortgage loan for your individual needs, and a smooth transaction with no surprises. Also, the most qualified loan representative has the best chance of obtaining the lowest rate on a loan. 

Resume - Kevin Iverson

  • President and owner of Reed Mortgage Corporation 

  • 34 years experience in mortgage lending industry

  • USA's first Upfront Mortgage Broker

  • Secretary and co-founder of the Upfront Mortgage Brokers Association

  • Former President and director of Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association

  • Previous member of General Electric Mortgage Insurance Customer Advisory Board, the Mortgage Bankers Association of America Regulatory Compliance Committee, and the Fannie Mae Southwest Region Advisory Board

  • Graduate from the University of Denver with a BA degree 



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